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Reviews about Enhanced Effect:

"Wow! Simply amazed about the effect of "Enhanced Effect". I'm a long term medicinal user for my arthritis - and I have high tolerance. This product does what it says! I'm using significantly less herb, but the therapeutic effect is much greater! (using less, but feeling more!). No pain! In the long run, this product will save me lots of $$$! The scent flavor is amazing (lemon/citrus scent). I've given a few caps to some friends and they are also raving. A tremendous product! Thank you!!!!!" **

"Thank you!  Really find it helps with prolonging the effects and the scent reminds me of citrus zest aroma.  The effects seem stronger and I am smoking less.  Very awesome!" **

"They make the session feel 10x stronger.  I'm loving your products and so are my friends!" **

"Felt like I was using Cannabis for the first time" **

"It helps with pain, smells great, and enhances the effects!" **

"Just wanted to say that I absolutely lovey your product and am in shock at how well it works!" **

"The effects are amazing the more consecutive days used" **

"I followed the directions and used it before medicating... WOW! this stuff amped up my high.  This product really worked for me." **

"Something about the amazing smell just tweaks your cannabis session to the next level.  Kudos for making such a great product" **

 "I highly recommend these for people who feel they do not get "high" anymore."  **

"Very awesome benefits after 5 consecutive days of use: increased high, longer extended high, no couch lock feeling, very relaxing, nice scent.  Terpenes are there and very effective.  Very, very pleased!"  **

"I'm a huge essential oils fan already, so this one just puts it over the top for me." **

"I found instant relief and was able to sleep.  Thank you again for this incredible product"

"I tried one before bed yesterday and I had the greatest sleep in a long time.  I suffer PTSD, so shutting my brain off at night can be difficult.  Thanks again!" **

"Bought this for my wife she has bad back pain she takes 2pills right away the pain is gone almost immediately she has relief for a while not like the pills at the drugstore she likes them a lot" **


Reviews about High Achievers Focus Blend

"I use Cannabis daily for pain relief (smoked and edible).  The Focus Blend does what it says... it keeps me focused and coherent so I can get my work done" **

I'm a university student and I've never used pot, but just using High Achievers Focus helps me study and concentrate".  **

"Focus seems to effect me like an energy drink like redbull or monster, but without the jitters or the crash" **


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** There is no guarantee of specific results and results may vary. **



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